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Available Australian Labradoodle Puppies

is such a little princess! She is small, sweet, and has good manners. Shes curious, but also a bit cautious. So she will take her time getting to know her people and a new environment. I expect her to reach around 15 pounds as an adult.

  If youre interested in this little darling becoming a member of your family, Tiny is ready to join you or enter our training program. Please call Kari at 614-203-5623 or email aussiedoodle@earthlink.net. She comes with a two-year health guarantee, a health record including vaccinations/deworming/microchip information, a puppy pack, and is pre-loved and pre-spoiled!





Teddy Bear Timmy is the life of the party! He is a mini, and will reach around 20 pounds as an adult. Hes fun-loving, cant get close enough to your face, and has all the puppy kisses to give you. Hes a clown, and makes us laugh, as he sees adventure at every turn. Even though hes playful and delightful, he definitely knows how to hunker down on your lap for a movie or cuddle time.


If youre interested in this little sweet darling boy becoming a member of your family, hes ready to be your fur-baby or to enter training.  Please call Kari at 614-203-5623 or email aussiedoodle@earthlink.net.


TBT comes with a two-year health guarantee, a health record including vaccinations/deworming/microchip information, a puppy pack, and is pre-loved and pre-spoiled!


My daily photo shoot was a success! This tiny mini girl, Cleo, was smitten with all the leaves and sticks falling from the trees. She's going to be around 15 pounds fully grown, but she will definitely think she owns your house!

This micromini boy will be under 15 pounds but thinks hes a big dog!  Goose loves charging around the yard, chasing leaves and the cat. Hes super sweet, absolutely darling, and will be happy if you get a purse to carry him in. Hes the perfect tiny boy!

If youd like to add this gorgeous baby boy to your family, he is ready! Please call Kari at 614-203-5623 or email aussiedoodle@earthlink.net for information. Hes patiently waiting for a warm neck to snuggle.



   Now booking for fall and winter litters, all sizes including Micro Minis. Please email for more info on how to secure a puppy for your family.

Our puppies are $3000 plus sales tax with all age-appropriate vaccinations and plenty of love! They are multi-generational, allergy-friendly Australian Labradoodles and are low- to nonshedding. In order to prevent health issues in our puppies, breeding stock is tested orthopedically and genetically, and we offer a two year health guarantee for each puppy.  


Our trainer will be available to accept puppies into her program as well, if you would like your puppy to complete her excellent four week training.




Kari Lambert

Aussie Labradoodle





The Australian Labradoodle

 The heart of a Labrador and the smarts of a poodle, all in a big, beautiful allergy/asthma-friendly package! We at Aussie Labradoodle believe we are breeding the most loving, healthy, and reliable family pets around!  Of course, we may be a bit biased :). Beginning with our first imported Australian Labradoodle, Macey, from Tegan Park in Australia, we've been doing our best to improve this breed since 2000!

Initially bred in 1970 in Australia to provide assistance dogs for folks with allergies, the Australian Labradoodle became a beloved family pet that offered the best of both worlds: a large family-oriented people pleaser, highly intelligent, with low shedding to no shedding and no doggie odor. Parent breeds included the Labrador, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, and two types of Spaniels.

The Australian Labradoodle dog is perfect for people who suffer from asthma (nearly 100% success) and allergies (nearly 95%  success), and for people just wanting less mess and odor in their homes.

We use only the top quality Australian and American multigenerational lines in our breeding program. We take health testing seriously, and were among the first to test hips and elbows in many lines coming out of Australia.  And we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome!  Although we cannot foresee every problem that could present itself, we are doing all we can to minimize the chances of health problems in our doodles.  We also offer a two-year health guarantee against genetic health issues to give you peace of mind.

The foundation of our Australian Labradoodle breeding stock, Macey, was purchased in whelp from Tegan Park in Australia. She blessed us with gorgeous chocolate and cream labradoodle babies and has since retired.  Two of her chocolate offspring, Kona and Bella, became the foundation of our breeding stock.

"...The minute I saw your broad lawns and trees, happy dogs of all ages enjoying each other, and of course your great kids helping and hovering about, I knew that whatever puppies emerged from your home would be more than special.  I can't thank you enough for your and Doug's hospitality and patience and helpful insights the other day.  I imagine that others would argue with me, but I do think I brought home the most wonderful pup on the planet--my students are going to love him this Fall!" Deborah, Houston, TX

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