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My first contact with a puppy mill happened after we became involved in breeding our beloved Australian Labradoodles.  I was shipping a puppy to a customer, and was in line with a man who was shipping two pups together in a crate.  His little pups were beautiful, and I was making baby noises at them and petting them through the crate door.  At some point in our conversation, this man mentioned that he had hundreds just like them at home, and actually spun the puppy crate up over his head with the babies inside!  It was utterly shocking to me!!!  (I almost made the evening news!)

My family, and other reputable breeders, fully support new laws protecting pets and families from the horrible puppy mills that are scattered all over the country.  THEY MUST BE SHUT DOWN FOREVER!!!

In an effort to raise sound, loving, family pets, as well as dogs used in therapy settings, we believe that all breeding dogs – both moms and dads -- must be raised in a family setting, with interaction within the home, room to roam, and activity of all kinds.  The very first step in raising well-socialized and loving pups is to have well-socialized and loving parents.  This is the reason we place most of our breeding doodles in guardian families.  All our breeding dogs are beloved family pets. 

When whelping and raising a litter of puppies, either we or our guardian families bring our precious doodle babies into the world in the bedroom, laundry room, or even the kitchen in a secure whelping bed with their human mom or dad watching over them.  For the first four weeks of age, doodle mama provides everything babies need while they are getting used to human interaction and activity.  At four weeks of age, a more secure bed is provided for them with cedar chips and a tall pen to prevent escapes and accidents.  Feeding is supplemented and puppies are being romped outdoors whenever possible to begin housebreaking and to become independent.  By the time our pups are ready for their forever family (8 to 12 weeks of age), they have been wrapped in blankets, held like babies, pottied in the grass several times a day, and romped with other pets.  They’ve heard music, loud talking, seen guests come and go, and smelled dinner cooking.  And had LOTS OF KISSES!  J

There are some who believe that it is wrong to purchase a pet from any breeder.  They feel that rescuing is the only way to acquire a furry family member ethically.  I firmly say that there is room for both! 

As the proud mother of 10 (yes, ten) children, we have experienced the joys of adding to our family in multiple ways.  We have children who are biologically ours, adopted children, and children who were placed here as foster children and have continued to have a secure family bond with us.  Rescuing a puppy or dog is a wonderful and fulfilling thing to do if you are able to put in extra time for assessing, training, rehabilitating, loving, and saving a rescued pet.  There are some rescued pets that have wonderful temperaments, and some that have emotional pain and trauma. 

If you have allergies to dogs or asthma, have special-needs or young children, and want to have a furry kid who is trustworthy, know that we are preparing our pups from day-one for your family.  


  Professional Puppy Training available for all our pups before they join your family