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Aussie L’s Sadie


Coming soon, microminis from our precious Sadie! 



Aussie L’s Maggie’s Ellie



This little lady is all girl, and very happy in her guardian home with her new baby (human) sister!  She is a miniature caramel girl who lives for snuggles and runs the show at her home. 



Eden Valley’s Annabelle


Annabelle is our pretty little chocolate mini, who is a wonderful mama and great family doodle.  Thanks to Pam McCarl of Eden Valley Labradoodles for this lovely girl!


Aussie L’s Riley


US Labradoodles Kari’s Smores


Smores is our first phantom, thanks to Deanna and Angie at US Labradoodles!  She is very calm and low-key, snuggly, and has a perfectly buttery wavy-fleece coat.  She is a small medium at 30 pounds, and lives with her guardian mama, Gayle.  Her family includes adult sons and daughters, and a host of puppies in training. 


Aussie L’s Rubilicious



This girl is my heart!  Ruby is my very own beloved doodle, and she is never far from my side.  She is a small medium girl with a perfect red wavy-fleece coat.  She loves people more than dogs, and is actually shocked by the fact that she is treated like a dog at our house sometimes.  We are expecting Ruby/Blaze pups in June, and couldn’t be more excited!


Aussie L’s Paris the Heiress



Paris is a caramel girl with a medium fleece coat.  She is a miniature girl, who produces lovely caramels, reds, chocolates, and blacks.  She and Riley live in the same guardian family, and are blessed to have young children to snuggle every day.  She is all girl, and thinks she is the center of the family.


Aussie L’s Charmin’ Chelsea



This beautiful girl is the star of her family, as she is doted on by her guardian family and her doggie brother and sister.  She is a medium apricot girl with a lovely wavy-fleece coat, and a calm and loving temperament. 


Aussie L’s Ginny


This girl has a stunning red wavy-fleece coat and a solid build.  All her testing is done, and everything looks fantastic!  We’re excited to see what this gorgeous lady will produce.  She is a large medium girl and should produce medium and standard pups.


Aussie L’s Honeybun



This standard girl is just gorgeous!  We love her apricot wavy-fleece coat and her fun-loving and sweet disposition.  She lives with her guardian family, and always brings a smile to your face.  She has passed all her health and genetic testing, and we are very excited about having some larger doodle babies from her.


Aussie L’s Black Rose



Bertha is a small medium girl, stocky and well-built, with a deep black wavy-fleece coat and a comical and loving temperament!  She is in a lovely guardian home and sleeps with her girl every night.  She has doodle sisters, and loves being part of the Smith’s pack.  We are looking forward to health and genetic testing for Bertha, and can’t wait to see what she’ll produce.