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We love to provide trained puppies to our families who are new to puppyhood, or would just like an easier transition to living with a puppy.  Please let us know if you are interested in adding the training program for your puppy!

See our Training page for information about our positive trainer, Gayle Mulvey.


Tilly and Coal


This bonded pair are ready to make your house their home! Due to unfotunate circumstances, these dogs had to be given back to the breeder for rehoming. They love children and are kind with everyone they meet.  They are lively and rambunctious and ready for an active household!

They have been with a trainer for the past two weeks to ensure that their manners are still primo. They are reliably housebroken, love attention and activity! Their previous home had a disabled child, and they are especially gentle with children. They would do best with a fenced yard.

Coal is 5 years old and Tilly is almost 3, both are spayed, neutered and up to date on vaccines. They have lots of joyful personality! When Coal’s rear is scratched, he marches like a soldier. Tilly has soulful eyes and is never far from the action.

Could you be the right home for them?

Contact Lindsey at: 513-817-6901